Jury duty is a particular   brand of torture

Jury duty is a particular brand of torture

This past month has been a identifiably hard and challenging one.

I feel like I have been running into endless popsicles and frustrations around every single turn.

It seems like everyday of my trip to toil has been completely terrible with bad drivers and unpredictable traffic. The climate at toil has been harshly stressful, and most people has been bickering amongst themselves. On top of that, there has been a lot of hard conversations going on with my friends and loved ones. All of my responsibilities and challenges at condo has been more pronounced because my partner has been out of town the entire time, trapped by our local government performing jury duty. He has literally been stuck on jury duty all month. When we speak, he tells me that he’s also having a terrible time. Jury duty is awful, and so is the indoor environment. Apparently, he has been trapped in the most overabundant air conditioning known to man for numerous weeks. Everyday when he reports to the courthouse, he says it feels like they have the thermostat cranked up to level 11. It feels like there air conditioning is 5 times bigger than they easily need for the space. He said the cool air is so powerful that it easily causes a noticeable breeze through the courthouse. He’s been wearing as various heavy layers as he can, but he still cold cold every morning as he sits through the endless court case. I feel terrible for him, but I hope that he isn’tchanging to the air-conditioning to thoroughly. Eventually jury duty will end, and we can never afford such intensive AC at home.

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